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Firm Swedish Massage
This massage comes full body massage with aromatherapy and hot towels. No stretching will be done with this massage.
Magnet therapy
Laying on a magnetic mat fully clothed. Used with a magnetic roller. This service helps with balancing and grounding.
Add on Sugar scrub hands
This will be added on in addition to your massage. Extra time will be added on by 15 minutes.
Sports Massage
The 60-minute sports massage includes: aroma therapy, full body stretching, hot towels, massage gun and full glute stretch out. The 90-minute sports package includes: 5 minute roll out on the NIKKEN mat, hot table, 2 different essential oil blends, with or without CBD, hot towels and total body stretch out. This 90-minute session is recommended for after hard workouts, games or all races.
Head Case Special
This massage is only for the head, neck, face and shoulders. Stretching out the neck, acupressure points on face and releasing of the jaw muscles.
Chair Massage
This is working with you fully dressed for a stretch out or a recheck from previous visit
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Therapeutic Massage near Orion Township, MI

Therapeutic massage is a type of bodywork that involves the systematic process of soft tissue manipulation. A gentle, relaxing treatment, benefits of therapeutic massage may include relief from stress, tension, soreness and stiffness.

If you're suffering from muscle tension, aches and pains, or just under a lot of stress, a therapeutic massage at Agape Massage Therapy might be just what you need to feel relaxed.
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Head Case Club near Orion Township, MI

Why do I feel this way?
Welcome to the head case club. Here is where you and I examine daily routines of work and personal. What is your normal body state? Whether we are looking at a computer screen or driving in bright sunlight, our eyes and jaw go through a lot. We may not blink as much as we should. We may also squint due to the lights, dehydration, or just being tired. While being behind a desk or driving, we may also cause our thoughts to drift or emotions and stress my cause our jaw to clench or grind. We may not always feel what we are doing or what causes us to have tension headaches or tightness in our jaw. It may also feel like someone is pulling on the inside of your ear, having your shoulders as earrings or that your head and shoulders feel like their are in a vise.
All of this is why I am here to help destress and find the reason why you feel this way. Maybe you have said," I need a massage or a vacation? Why do I feel so tight? " Maybe you have received a lot of massages and nothing seems to be improved. Well, let us see what the root cause could be and come at this from a different angle. Let us see if we can find the missing puzzle piece together.
While I maybe able to help you discover where the tension is coming from, why don't you book a 60 minute massage with me. Then I will follow up with a 30 minute massage to see how your 60 minute massage held up. Book today your 60 minute massage consultation. See how your body connects the dots of your normal. Don't delay! Book today! The longer you delay, the longer it takes to break the muscle memory. See you soon.

If you interested in learning more about the Head Case Club or would like to make an appointment at Agape Massage Therapy, contact us today.
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Aromatherapy included with each service for free in Orion Township, MI

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing treatment which utilizes natural, plant-derived essential oils to activate smell receptors, which respond by sending messages through the nervous system to the brain. When incorporated into a daily wellness plan, aromatherapy can help ease tension, boost mood and even support the immune system.

Contact Agape Massage Therapy to schedule your aromatherapy session today.
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Magnet therapy

Magnet Therapy near Orion Township, MI

Acupuncture is a key component of Chinese medicine that involves the insertion of thin needles through one's skin at strategic points in the body. Inserting needles into specific meridian points can help to re-balance the flow of energy throughout the body, often relieving chronic bouts of discomfort such as headache or back pain as a result. 

For more information about acupuncture and to schedule an appointment, contact Agape Massage Therapy today.
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Herbal Medicine near Orion Township, MI

While western medicine no doubt has its time and place, many people who regularly take pharmaceutical medications endure uncomfortable side effects as a result. Traditional herbal medicine can provide a multitude of benefits, often without risk of side effects or feelings of unpleasantness.

Agape Massage Therapy specializes in herbal medicine and all-natural wellness solutions. Contact us to learn more about our herbal medicine options.
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We offer all-natural, alternative wellness solutions.

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